NLP training online

NLP Training Online

We offer 3 different types of high value, low cost, NLP training online.

Our NLP training online options are really good ways to start your NLP adventure, or to fine tune your skills after you’ve finished a programme or even as a refresher to remind you of what you already know and to take your learning to a new level.

NLP Training Online
NLP Training Online

We offer three forms of online NLP training:

  • Our own ‘Developing your success system’ programme, which enables you to explore what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. This is a great starter programme as it is really useful to clarify what you want to achieve, before you invest in a major NLP programme.
  • Access to NLP co-creator, Richard Bandler’s full back catalogue on the NLP Eternal streaming platform.
  • We run a number of live online programmes in conjunction with other NLP trainers. Places on these are normally limited, and when you find one you like, it’s best to sign up straight away.

Developing your success system

Success System

See how your colleagues approach their future

To complement our unique 1:1 certified training we’re developing a number of programmes that will significantly boost your NLP skills and results. We’re pleased to announce that our Developing your success system course is now available.

This is a great, low cost way either to start your NLP training or to revise, clarify, and develop your existing experience.

While goals have a use, success in life is more about developing a success system, rather than just focusing on goals. This course teaches you how to establish your own success system, and is extremely useful for whatever challenge or opportunity you are facing, or for whatever learning you choose to do next..

The format is 40+ short videos (generally less than 10 minutes each) and transcripts, followed by an exercise or task. We encourage you to share your answers with other participants on the discussion board for each question. You can read your fellow participants’ answers, and the mutual support can be very powerful.

All the discussion boards are confidential and are monitored and facilitated, so they are a safe place to share, explore and test new ideas.

NLP training online

Get our Success System course now for just $55 – saving $40 off the usual $95 purchase price – with this time-limited discount code successsystemspecial 

Access to NLP Co-founder Richard Bandler’s back catalogue

Get the gift of unlimited potential

NLP Eternal

Subscribe to NLP Eternal for a powerful way of building your Neuro-Linguistic Programming skills. Get immediate and unlimited streaming access on  your computer, phone, tablet, or TV to both the original and the latest NLP catalogue from John La Valle and NLP Co-Creator Richard Bandler.

Watch and listen to many of Richard and John’s NLP, hypnosis and influence trainings. At $199 annual membership the investment  is much lower than the cost of attending one live session. Plus, you’ll find out the value of attending one or more of their live training events in the future. The investment to attend all the seminars featured would be in excess of £25,000, so this is exceptional value.

The catalogue is large and comprehensive and continually updated.

Hypnosis Masterclass


A really great and economical way of learning, discussing and practising your hypnosis skills

October 17 – 27, 2021 (Except Friday, 22nd October), 10 days at 2 1/2 hours each day, hosted in Dubai, available worldwide. Total 25 hours of online instructor led training

7.00 PM – 9.30 PM (UAE)  |  3.00 PM – 5.30 PM (UK)   |  7.00 AM – 9.30 AM (USA PACIFIC) ​

NLP training online

This Hypnosis Masterclass is designed to fine tune your communication and persuasion skills, as well as developing your hypnotic influence. It will teach you how to gain greater influence in your work and personal life, which in turn will lead to greater success and fulfilment.

And please remember our certified 1:1 NLP practitioner training programmes, our NLP courses and full details of all our NLP training.

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