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Business NLP Ltd offers NLP training and NLP courses for ambitious and high-performing professionals across the world. We were established in the early 2000s, headed by NLP trainer, Michael Beale.

NLP Trainer and Business NLP Ltd Director, Michael Beale

“I help you succeed in your leadership, entrepreneur and relationship adventures.”

Michael’s vision is to help business and professional clients achieve success and fulfilment in the areas of life that are important to them. He specialises in international 1:1 NLP training and coaching, as well as Marshall Goldsmith leadership and team coaching.

His most popular trainings are 1:1 NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach Practitioner.

“Michael is easy to talk to and fun to work with”

John Whitworth – VP Customer Experience and Operations, BT.
NLP Trainer, Michael Beale, Director Business NLP Ltd

Michael is certified as an NLP Coach and Coach Trainer by NLP co-founder Richard Bandler, and certified as an NLP Coach and NLP New Code Practitioner by NLP co-founder John Grinder.

In addition, he is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership and Team Coach.

He offers accredited NLP certification. His practitioner training is accredited by Richard Bandler who countersigns Business NLP Ltd.’s practitioner certificates.

Image: NLP Trainer, Michael Beale.

Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach

Michael is also certified as a Marshall Goldsmith Leadership and Team Coach and follows Marshall’s guiding principles:

  • Be of service to his clients, colleagues, and fellow coaches – we take care of others with the same diligence we take care of ourselves.
  • Be known for integrity and authenticity – we are truthful and always honour our commitments.
  • Act with a generous spirit – we operate from the outlook of abundance and over the longer term “sharing is having more”.
  • Be an exemplary model of ambition, courage, humility and discipline – we are a role model of what we expect from the people we serve.
  • Have a learner’s mindset – we learn from all the people we coach.
NLP Trainer, Michael Beale
Michael Beale, Richard Bandler NLP trainer and coach trainer, Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder coach

Michael’s Background

In Michael’s early career he was a buyer and merchandise controller at B&Q PLC and supported the company as it grew from £30m to £1bn turnover. Later he joined BT PLC where he was a marketing specialist, business development manager, and then strategy development manager for a £1bn turnover division.

His training and coaching career started at BT, where he received his NLP Trainer certification after attending a Richard Bandler NLP Trainer course. He became an NLP Trainer and ran certified NLP training, which included key elements of business and executive coaching.

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How to become a NLP Trainer

Do you want to become an NLP trainer, certified by the SNLP? To do this, you need to complete Michael’s practitioner, master practitioner training and then Richard Bandler’s trainer trainers certification.

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