NLP Coach Practitioner

Unique 1:1 SNLP and Richard Bandler Certified NLP Coach Practitioner. Significantly improve your coaching skills and develop your coaching practice. Free 30 minute session. Free discovery.

Test the unique value of our 1:1 training for yourself. Most clients achieve significantly more value from this training format. We offer a free introductory session and 3 no charge and no commitment discovery sessions, so you can make your own decision as to how well it will work for you. This offer is open to anyone who is seriously considering taking any of our NLP practitioner programmes.

NLP Coach Practitioner Training

Become an Coach Practitioner if you want to master coaching. This programme is for NLP Master Practitioners and offers full SNLP NLP Coach Practitioner certification. Certificates are signed by NLP co-founder Richard Bandler, John La Valle, and Michael Beale.

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NLP Coach Practitioner | Richard Bandler Certified
Improve your NLP and coaching, and build your coaching practice

Coach Practitioner Training

Become a fully Certified Licensed NLP Coach Practitioner.

This full certification programme will help you develop your coaching skills and, where appropriate, help you to develop your coaching practice.

NLP Coach Practitioner
NLP Coaching

If you’re new to NLP and coaching, or an NLP Practitioner, but not Master Practitioner, then take a look at our Principles of NLP Coaching programme, which has been specifically designed for you.

We offer serious prospective clients 3 no charge discovery sessions so, before you go ahead with a programme, you can find out how well it will work for you.

NLP Coach Practitioner Programme Structure

  • Free discovery, what would make the programme really useful to you?
  • Revise and build on NLP practitioner and master practitioner syllabus.
  • Grow, NLP, MGSCC, and Michael’s coaching model.
  • Building your coaching practice or coaching modelling project.
  • Integration, certification and suggested ongoing study.

NLP coach practitioner

Programme Duration

The programme runs over 9 months based on one 1-hour session a week. Additional sessions may be booked – within reason – at no additional charge to address real life opportunities and challenges as they arise. The programme includes additional reading and tasks to complete away from the sessions.

Who is the Programme For?

This NLP Coach Practitioner course is for NLP Master Practitioners who want to specialise in coaching. The people who gain significantly from the programme are people:

  • with a touch of ambition, courage, discipline and openness,
  • who are prepared to invest a reasonable amount of time and emotional energy, and
  • who work well with Michael.

For the right individual there are tremendous benefits from the 1:1 format. The programme will be focused on what gives you the most benefit.

NLP Coach Certification

Successful participants will receive either an Principles of NLP Coaching certificate or full  SNLP NLP Coach Practitioner certification. Certificates are signed by Richard Bandler, NLP co-founder; John La Valle; and Michael Beale. See more: NLP Certification.

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Coach practitioner programme structure

Phase 1 – Free Discovery

The purpose of the free discovery phase is to enable you to clarify what will make the programme really useful to you. As part of this phase we will explore:

  • what will be useful to you,
  • a leadership assessment,
  • feedback and feedforward from your key stakeholders.
NLP Coach Practitioner - free discovery

You’ll then be able to determine 3-6 areas to focus on as part of the programme. In addition, you’ll be able to make your mind up as to how well we work together.

You do not need to commit to the programme until you’ve completed this phase.

Most delegates find they know a lot more than they realise. Building on the NLP basics from their previous practitioner and master practitioner programmes enables them to create their own advanced techniques.

Phase 2 – Build on NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Syllabus

Build on key NLP approaches related to coaching

Phase 3 – GROW, NLP Coaching, and MGSCC coaching model

Having a number of solid coaching approaches is vital for a great coach. They create the structure for the coach to use their own creativity.

Phase 4 – Special project or Building your coaching practice

Building a coaching practice is far more challenging than most potential coaches realise. Having a solid base of what works is a great starting point. People who are not yet interested in running a coaching practice have the option of completing a coaching modelling project.

NLP Coaching Bonuses

As part of the programme you have the option of using a number of world class learning tools, these are in addition to the 1:1 training, including:

  • Leadership assessment.
  • Stakeholder feedback and feedforward methodology.
  • Access to our online training platform, discussion boards, and forum.

Access to our directory of coaching techniques

Coaching Practitioner Investment

After the free discovery phase, the investment is £400 each month for 9 months (total £3600). You can cancel at any time if you don’t feel you’re getting exceptional value from the programme. If you take the programme with a partner or colleague, one delegate will receive a 50% discount.

NLP coach practitioner

Interested? Free 30 minute session.