NLP Practitioner Training

1:1 NLP Practitioner Training is better than group training

We’ve 10 years’ experience in running 1:1 training and, time and again, we find that our clients have been able to achieve better results that when we ran group training. Initially, this seemed counter intuitive, however the following reasons have been tested over time.

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NLP Practitioner Training

1:1 NLP Practitioner Training works because:

  1. The programmes are individually designed around what you want to achieve in your life and work. You get 3 free ‘no charge’ sessions to ensure you’re fully aligned with what you want to achieve. It’s impossible to give you this degree of individual focus in group training.
  2. Trainers who run 1:1 practitioner training build up significant experience in helping their clients solve real life opportunities and challenges. This experience then becomes available to all their clients.
  3. The programmes normally last 6 months. This gives you plenty of time to implement the key elements of what you’ve been learnt to the full. It’s this implementation, review and refine process that helps you get, or beat, the results you want.
  4. You’ve time to test what’s important to you in real life. When things don’t go to plan (and they won’t from time to time), you can work with Michael to come up with a way that will work. This learning loop dramatically improves your chances of success.
  5. You have full and individual access to Michael for the duration of the programme.

NLP Certification

All our practitioner programmes are certified and accredited by NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and the SNLP. Richard countersigns successful delegates’ certificates. This is a significant sign of his confidence in the extremely high standard of our training.

Benefits of NLP Practitioner Training

All of our practitioner programmes will significantly improve your communication and influence skills, your resilience, and your ability to set a direction and do what’s needed to achieve it. In addition, you’ll align your conscious and unconscious thinking, which will enable you to connect to some internal resources that you’re probably unaware that you even have.

In addition, each of the individual programmes will offer their own individual benefits.

Free discovery sessions

Our 3 free discovery sessions before all our practitioner programmes enable you to clarify what will make the programme genuinely useful to you, and sets the programme up for the results you want. We’ve found that since introducing this discovery phase, clients achieve much better results.

Which practitioner programmes do we offer?

NLP Practitioner

This is our most popular programme. It’s based on one 1-hour session every week for 6 months. You’ll learn to apply the principles of NLP in your work and personal life.

Your investment is £350 a month over 6 months – totalling £2100.

NLP Business Practitioner

Our business practitioner programme builds on our practitioner one and adds world class sales, coaching, and leadership skills. It can be taken as a programme for beginners or a conversion course for existing practitioners.

Your investment is £400 a month over 3 months for existing practitioners, totalling £1200. For complete beginners, the investment is £350 a month over 9 months – total £3150.

For NLP Business Master Practitioner, please enquire.

NLP Master Practitioner

Our master practitioner builds on our practitioner in both depth and breadth and includes a special project to help you develop your skills further. In our experience, master practitioners are significantly more effective than practitioners.

Your investment is £400 a month over 6 months for existing practitioner – total £2400.

NLP Coach Practitioner

Our coach practitioner programme is for existing accredited master practitioners who want to specialise in coaching, either within an existing business, or to set up their own coaching practice.

Your investment is £400 a month over 6 months for existing master practitioners – total £2400.

About Michael Beale

Michael is a Richard Bandler NLP trainer, NLP coach trainer, and Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder coach, with 30 years of business experience and 15 years’ experience running his NLP coaching practice.

He embraces the business ideas of Marshall Goldsmith and Ray Dalio.  He also runs coaching masterclasses at The Henley Business School. You can find out more about Michael here.

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