NLP Seduction | Finding, Meeting, Seducing, and Keeping the Person you Desire

Sunday 2nd April 2023 – 5PM to 6:00 GMT

(London 05:00 pm GMT, Dubai 08:00pm GST, Miami 12:00am EST, Mumbai 09:00pm IST, New York 12:00 noon EST.)

FREE 60-Minute NLP Seduction Workshops – Led by Michael Beale.

Join our free NLP seduction workshops to find out how to meet the person of your dreams and make them fall in love with you. Learn how to create a lasting relationship and reignite one that has gone stale. At this stage, our NLP seduction workshops are available for everyone, completely free, via Zoom.

Membership will always be free to current members; however, we reserve the right to charge new members in the future.

NLP seduction workshop

NLP Seduction Workshop Video

NLP Seduction Workshop

Who is it for?

Our NLP seduction workshops are for men and women of any age who are genuinely curious about this fascinating topic and want to:

  • Improve their self-confidence
  • Date more
  • Have more meaningful relationships
  • Add excitement to relationships that might be getting stale


Join a completely free online NLP seduction workshop to find out how to make yourself irresistible and how to make the other person fall in love with you by learning how to:

  • Have greater self-confidence
  • Increase communication skills
  • Increase influence
  • Become more interesting
  • Increase your storytelling skills
  • Attract and keep people’s attention
  • Gain and/or improve relationships
NLP seduction workshop'

NLP Seduction Workshop Content

We have a defined structure for each meeting:

  1. Welcome by Michael, we invite participants to briefly introduce themselves briefly by saying who they are, where they’re from, what they do, and what will make the session really useful to them.
  2. Michael introduces the topic of the session and outlines his critical thoughts on the topic
  3. Individual participants are invited to share their views on the topic.
  4. Any participant can raise any challenge or opportunity and ask for positive ideas of how they might move forward. (We use the feed-forward approach).
  5. News update – what’s special that we’re offering now?
  6. Wrap up – something you’ve learnt
  7. Close.

WhatsApp Group

Members who attend regularly will be invited to join our WhatsApp group, to seek further ideas and discussion, and to receive notice of future events.

We have strict rules for this group. Everyone in the group is free to ask for help and, in turn, tasked to help, not judge, others in the group to achieve their individual goals.

Anyone who demonstrates antisocial behaviour will be removed from the group.

Link to apply for membership.

Planned Session Themes

We will rotate these themes:

1. Create an attractive lifestyle

Another man or woman should never be the key focus of our lives – although they can be a really, really important complement to it. – We want to focus on being the hero or heroine of our own lives, not a cameo role in someone else’s.

This session focuses on how you create an attractive lifestyle, including your life task, vision, and purpose, and how you chase excellence in your chosen areas.

We also cover how you stay physically and mentally healthy and resilient. What are we already doing to stay mentally and physically healthy? How are we investing in our own development? What would we like to do in the future?

As a part of this we process, we can start to clarify what we want from a partner, which will, in turn, help us attract the right person on a long-term basis.

2. Overcoming existing fears and anxieties

We’ve all developed fears and anxieties around socialising, intimacy and sexuality. Sometimes challenges in our childhood with our parents or caregivers can lead to ‘lifetraps’ which may lead us, among other things, to chase the wrong partners and ignore other partners continually, which may be more suitable.

In more detail, childhood difficulties can lead to:

  • Feelings of dread, catastrophe, apprehension.
  • Inhibition (especially around sex), intimacy, and people-pleasing.
  • Unnatural shyness/meekness, attraction to difficult people.
  • Avoidant behaviour: detachment, over-independent nature.
  • Exaggerated over-achievement, development of a false self.
  • Excessive focus on material achievement, no feeling of mattering for oneself, distrust.
  • Attraction to unreliability in partners.
  • Exaggerated jolliness, always the entertainer.
  • Paranoia, shame, low self-esteem.

None of these help seduction and attraction other than attracting the wrong person!

The above is taken from the book How to overcome your childhood by The School of Life. We also highly recommend the book Reinventing your life by Jeffry E. Young if you are interested in learning more about this fascinating and vital topic.

We’ve learnt that working on these issues is essential, so they don’t block our progress. In fact, working on these areas can improve our lives across a wide area of our existence.

3. Mastering expressing what’s important to us

The better we know ourselves and what we want, and the better we can articulate this to others, the easier we’ll find it to attract the person we want.

In this session, we’ll explore our values, dreams, fantasies and emotions and learn to communicate them fluidly.

4. Mastering the skills and capabilities of a great relationship

In this session, we explore attraction (including vulnerability – by vulnerability, we need the courage to be open and non-neediness), friendship and partnership.

We, and our partners, may need to develop all three for a successful, long-term relationship.

5. Mastering the critical art, skills, and capabilities of intimacy

When we meet someone for the first time, we usually keep conversation safe and superficial, giving away little about our authentic selves, and following acceptable social conventions – this works, but only to a point!

We’ll never be able to satisfy our partner’s deepest desires or allow them to satisfy ours without expressing ourselves at a core level.

This requires vulnerability and real courage.

We offer a route map to navigate this fascinating journey.

NLP seduction workshop=

6. Spinning Plates

While this may be controversial to some, it is a key life skill applicable to many areas of our lives. Spinning plates can be a great strategy to learn what we want and to develop the experience to satisfy our partner or partners.

It explores what we do between our first date and when (and if!) we’re ready for an exclusive long-term relationship.

7. Amplifying sexual intimacy

Jointly choose the most sensuous words and let him or her elicit the areas of their body which can give them the most pleasure. Create a totally safe space where you can explore anything you both choose to explore and where they can totally surrender to their experience. Help them learn to access and amplify intimate pleasure and articulate what they need you to do to increase that pleasure further.

Help them give you pleasure by simply experiencing exquisite pleasure themselves, and help them access and amplify their fantasies without judgement, so you can fully enjoy them together. You’ll feel good by helping them feel good.

Give them access and control of their experience, for them to use when, when and how they wish. They will thank you.

Introducing Johannie Llano

We’re delighted to work with Johannie, who helped us develop the original concept, and is a guest contributor.

Johannie is an authentic and highly professional wellness coach. She specializes in mindset, relationships and mental and physical health. Johannie’s vision is to effectively coach and mentor others to overcome their individual challenges and solve anything that blocks their progress.

Her clients are enthused about her ability to wake people up from autopilot mode and help them develop a framework so they can confidently address any challenge and reach their full potential.

Johannie has a psychology degree and is an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Coach Practitioner. She has worked in a range of professions coaching people to improve their performance and self-confidence.

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Sunday 2nd April 2023 – 5PM to 6:00 GMT

(London 05:00 pm GMT, Dubai 08:00 pm GST, Miami 12:00 noon EST, Mumbai 09:00 pm IST, New York 12:00 noon EST.)

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NLP seduction workshop

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