NLP Seduction | Finding, Meeting, Seducing, and Keeping the Person you Desire

Sunday, 1st May 2022 – 8pM GMT

FREE 90 Minute NLP Seduction Workshop – Led by Joseph Myers, supported by Johannie Llano.

Join our free NLP seduction workshop to find out how to meet the person of your dreams and make them fall in love with you. Learn how to create a lasting relationship and how to reignite one that has gone stale. Our NLP seduction workshop is available for everyone, completely free, via Zoom.

NLP seduction workshop

NLP Seduction Workshop Video

NLP Seduction Workshop

Who is it for?

Our NLP seduction workshop is for men and women of any age who are genuinely curious about this fascinating topic and want to:

  • Improve their self confidence
  • Date more
  • Have more more meaningful relationships
  • Add excitement to relationships that might be getting stale


During this completely free online workshop, you will find out how to make yourself irresistible and how to make the other person fall in love with you by learning:

NLP seduction workshop'
  • Greater self confidence
  • Increased communication skills
  • increased influence
  • Become more interesting
  • Increase your storytelling skills
  • Attract and keep peoples attention
  • Gain and/or improve relationships

NLP Seduction Workshop Content

Develop a confident attitude and more positive self image

Increase your self confidence through breathing and posture, visualisation, reframing and belief change, swish EFT, havening, and eliminating the fear of rejection

Finding / Choosing your TargeT

Reduce the number of disastrous dates by knowing what you want and being able to articulate it. Understand where to look e.g. online, bars/clubs, day-game/market.


It’s one thing to find a relationship, but making it last beyond the euphoric early days is another matter. Learn how to build open communication, create affinity and have a genuine fondness for each other, find a shared reality – areas where you have shared beliefs, and how to maintain communication – start talking, pick up topics you both agree on.

NLP seduction workshop=

Keeping Them happy / sexually fulfilled

When it comes to your sex life technique does play a role, but it is more important to elicit the state and allow your partner to sexually empower themselves. Learn how to use communication, double binds, pivot grammar, the more the more.

Who is Joseph Myers?

Joe has a psychology degree and has worked in a range of professions coaching people to improve their performance and self confidence. He studied with Gary Craig and became a member of Gary’s Optimal EFT and also learned Hank Levin’s techniques of Clearing to eliminate negative mental energy. Joe gained his NLP Master Practitioner with Michael Beale and became interested in how NLP can be used to attract others and build successful relationships. After several years perfecting his skills in this field, Joe is now happily settled with a woman he intends to keep forever. They live with their three dogs in California, where Joe continues to coach people in the art of NLP seduction.

Find out more and register your place

NLP seduction workshop

1st May 2022 8pm GMT

Are you intrigued? Remember, this workshop is free, so you have nothing to lose. – And absolutely everything to gain!

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