NLP Hypnosis

NLP Hypnosis Course

Our NLP Hypnosis course will give you a firm grounding in this fascinating subject. You can use hypnosis as an amplifier for your coaching, sales, and influence skills, or you can use hypnosis on its own to help you and your clients on journeys of successful change.

NLP Hypnosis Course
NLP Hypnosis Course

What you will gain from an NLP Hypnosis course

By taking our NLP Hypnosis course, you will:

  1. Improve your day to day communication skills.
  2. Integrate and improve your conscious and unconscious thinking, leading to a more successful and fulfilled life.
  3. Improve your NLP, hypnosis, and coaching skills, helping you facilitate change in yourself and others.
  4. Practise traditional / formal hypnosis. The more you practise, the more you’ll be able to use the approaches conversationally.
  5. Have a fun 3 months. You’ll be delightfully surprised by how much you get from this course.

NLP Hypnosis duration

The course is for 3 months, based on one 1-hour session a week, plus additional exercises, reading and sessions as required.


The investment is £400 a month, payable monthly, over 3 months (total £1200)

Free Taster Sessions

We offer all potential clients a free taster session. After that, if you are serious about wanting to take a course, and can show that you have the budget and a clear purpose, there is a free 3 session discovery phase for you to really be sure that it is right for you. There’s no obligation for you to take it any further if the time isn’t right.

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NLP hypnosis

Programme Content

  1. What leads to success
  2. Hypnosis basics and principles
  3. Skills development
  4. Hypnosis session structure
  5. Deep exploration
  6. Integration

About Michael Beale

Michael is a Richard Bandler NLP trainer, NLP coach trainer, and Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder coach, with 30 years of business experience and 15 years’ experience running his NLP coaching practice.

He embraces the business ideas of Marshall Goldsmith and Ray Dalio.  He also runs coaching masterclasses at The Henley Business School. You can find out more about Michael here.

See Michael’s testimonials.

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