NLP Business Practitioner and Master Business Practitioner

Unique 1:1 NLP Business Practitioner and Business Master Practitioner for CEOs and senior executives worldwide. Significantly improve your life, business results and future potential—Free discovery. NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and SNLP certified.

Do you want to improve both your life and your career or business? If so, Michael Beale’s 1:1 9 month NLP Business Practitioner and 12 month Master Practitioner training may be exactly right for you. It’s designed to help you achieve all three. So you can prove the benefit to yourself, we offer a free 30-minute video call, and if we agree it is likely to benefit you, we provide a free 3-session discovery phase.

Note, due to the 1:1 nature of these programmes, we’re only able to offer four every six months, so if you’re genuinely interested, please book your initial free call now to ensure that you can reserve your place.

What is NLP Business Practitioner training?

Certified NLP Business Practitioner
Certified NLP Business Practitioner

NLP has proved to be a significant amplifier for business skills. You’ll significantly improve your communication and influence, as well developing your creativity, resilience, and ability to thrive in changing times.

We combine this with elements of Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder, leadership, and team coaching to bring you a unique, internationally proven approach to improving your results.

Business Practitioner training video

NLP Business Practitioner | Richard Bandler Certified

NLP for business success.

Business Practitioner training – take your business and/or career to the next level

We offer 1:1 worldwide Business Practitioner certification as a 9 month course, and Business Master practitioner as a 12 month course.

If you’re totally new to NLP, you may want to take our NLP diploma as a 3-month programme first, and then take the conversion course. We will explore this as part of our free discovery sessions.

Who benefits from our NLP in business training?

The people who get outstanding results from working with us are individuals who want to:

  1. succeed in business or government organisations,
  2. start their own businesses and/or
  3. take their existing business to the next level.

From the beginning, they all have a touch of ambition, courage, discipline, and honesty to get the very best value from what we do.

What are the NLP applications in business?

We help our clients dramatically improve their results by helping them develop their leadership and stakeholder management and, where appropriate, sales, coaching, project management, and relationship skills.

You will also fine tune your abilities in making important/difficult decisions, and in working better with people that, up to now, you have found difficult to work with.

Licensed NLP Business Practitioner certification(s)

Successful participants will receive an SNLP Business Practitioner or master practitioner certificate signed by NLP co-founder Richard Bandler, John La Valle, and Michael Beale. You’ll need to complete the relevant society paperwork. Certificates are initially valid for 2 years, but can be renewed without charge.

What’s included?

Phase 1 – Free Discovery

Free Business NLP Discovery
Free Business NLP Discovery

We offer 3 no charge discovery sessions so you can clarify what would make this programme really useful to you, and you can confirm the value. You do not have to commit to the programme until you’ve completed these sessions.

As part of the discovery sessions you will be asked to:

  1. Complete a leadership self assessment.
  2. Complete a cultural IQ assessment.
  3. Check in with your key stakeholders to get their views on what might be important for your development.
  4. Clarify your longer term direction.
  5. Clarify your short term focus areas.
  6. Agree a programme project.

Phase 2 – What leads to success in business?

We’ll review what’s absolutely key to business success:

  1. Discovery, leadership, management (effective use of resources), action and review.
  2. Vision/mission, finance, people, customers and processes.
  3. Sales and managing all stakeholders.
  4. Action

Phase 3 – We explore NLP as it relates to business

We explore the key areas of NLP that relate to business. These include: frames, states, direction, rapport, questions, strategies, future pacing, affirmations, beliefs, values, stories, hypnosis, meditation, personal profiles, preferences, and modelling.

We help you determine your approach to all these key areas. This turns theory into sustainable action, which in turn leads to results.

Phase 4 – Application – putting what we’ve learnt into practice

This phase goes into our purpose/vision, leadership team, culture, values, customers and stakeholders, priorities and measurement, strategy (key strategic anchors), who does what,  meetings and follow up, review.

Phase 5 – Business project

We help you work through a project of your choice. This might be a modelling project, a sales and marketing project, or a stakeholder communication project.


There are a number of additional benefits included in the programme:

  1. Marshall Goldsmith leadership assessment.
  2. IC Global psychometric assessment.
  3. Developing your success system online course.
  4. Additional sessions as required (within reason).

Time commitment

The programme is based on one 1-hour session a week + reading + practice throughout the programme. Additional sessions may be booked, within reason, without charge.

NLP Business Practitioner investment

Business Practitioner is £400 a month over 9 months totaling £3600, payable monthly. In addition this introduces you to the key concepts of the MGSCC leadership programme.

Business Master Practitioner is £625 a month over 12 months totaling, £7500, payable monthly. In addition this includes the full MGSCC leadership programme.

(Not yet ready for business practitioner? You may want to start with our certified 1:1 NLP practitioner at £350 a month over 6 months totaling £2100)

NLP Business Practitioner and Master Practitioner questions and answers

How do I know if this is the right programme for me? We offer a free 30 minute video call and if you’re genuinely interested and have access to budget, a free 3-session discovery phase. We’ll then confirm if this, or one of our other programmes, is best for you.

What is an NLP Business Practitioner? An individual with excellent communication and influence skills, who is also highly skilled in leadership, sales, coaching and relationships.

What is an NLP Business Master Practitioner? We also offer certified NLP Business Master Practitioner. This is to develop your leadership, sales, coaching, project management and relationship skills and results still further. The programme is designed around your and your stakeholders specific requirements.

Are there prerequisites for taking this NLP training? Yes, we’ve found that clients that have at least a minimum amount of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty always get significant value from our training. You need to choose us, and we need to choose you and you need to have access to a budget for your training. We’re always happy to help you prepare a business case for your training.

When can I start the NLP Training? You can start your 1:1 training whenever is convenient to you. Why not book your 30 minute free video call now?

Do you offer training in my area? Yes, we offer our 1:1 training worldwide over Skype and Zoom, so you can access our programmes anywhere. However you do need a good internet connection and speak good English.

About Michael Beale

Michael is a Richard Bandler NLP trainer, NLP coach trainer, and Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder coach. He has 30 years of business experience and more than 15 years’ experience running his NLP coaching practice.

He embraces the business ideas of Marshall Goldsmith, Richard Bandler  and Ray Dalio.  He also runs coaching masterclasses at The Henley Business School.

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