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Purpose. Our Art of Intimacy workshops will help you:

  • Create an attractive lifestyle
  • Overcome fears and anxieties around, socialising, intimicy, and sexuality
  • Master the expression of your emotions and communicating them fluidly
  • Master the key skills and capabilities of attraction (ncluding vulnerability and non neediness), friendship and partnership.
  • Master the skills on intimacy
Art of Intimacy Workshop

Art of intimacy workshops

Who are they for? Individuals who have:

  • Genuine passione to better their relationships skills
  • Curiousity towards emotional mastery
  • Burning desire fo a deep, intimate and satisfying relationship
  • Commitment to learn, invest time and practice
  • Demonstrate respect to themselves AND all the attendees at the workshop

NB the hosts reserve the right to deny or discontiue participants attendence at the workshop.

Emotional Intimacy Workshops

NB Disclaimer – this is a programme to help you have a truly successful life, not mental health advice, please seek professional mental help if you’re suffering from a mental illness.

Workshop Design

The 55 minute workshops are designed to create a safe space to develop are skills and capabilities in all these areas – thus enabling participants not only build on their ability to have great relationships, but also setting themselves up for a more successful, enjoyable and fulfilled life

Art of intimacy workshops. – Content. Routemap to great relationships

Umbrella states: Comfort, safety, trust, vulnerability, boundary, curiosity, courage, honesty.

Attraction: energetic, authentic, human connection, fun, vulnerability, mischievous, daring, non-neediness, chemistry, sexual attraction, arousal, physical touch, who we’re attracted to may depend on issues that our parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc have passed down? ‘Generational trauma’, Being very comfortable with our own bodies – take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually/being comfortable with your sexuality. 

Attraction starts with you. 

(When we want to attract, we will end up with a receptive or neutral or unreceptive potential partner. Invest the minimal amount of energy of the unresponsive partner, ‘polarise the neutral partner so they either end up either as responsive or unresponsive. And then focus our time with the one/those that are responsive) = **find equilibrium**

-note to self: don’t spend too much time on unresponsive people(proceed with caution)**

-Say how you feel = only responsibility. Polarise the person either way. 

Friendship: caring, open, non- judgemental, listening, curiosity, generosity, balance of commonalities & differences (ex: both love music but have different favourite bands)

Partnership/intimacy: love, shared values, vision, culture, similarity, keep working on attraction & friendship qualities (‘glue’), can’t forget to keep working on yourself and relationship, cultivating an environment for relationship to grow(examples for each phase: attraction, friendship, partnership), create space to allow a special moment, get person out of their ‘normal’

Blockers (IF NOT ADDRESSED OR DEALT WITH): rejection fear, resentment, jealousy, not listening, neediness, anger, lust, frustration, worry, anxious, overwhelm, addictions, unresolved trauma, lack of clarity/direction, low self-esteem/worth, desperation(the more you want something, the easier you are to be manipulated), over outcome focused/results driven, ‘looking for a saviour’ clinging/craving an idea/person/thing that can cause problems in the shorter & longer term, 

Mindset/Self Talk: Awareness of states, changing states, elevating states and self-talk, stories, Voice tone, talk to yourself the way you would a child or younger sibling, your relationship with others is a reflection of your relationship with yourself(if you don’t love yourself, you can only love others on a superficial level) 

Your choices

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Challenges we solve

Have you ever:

  1. Felt curious about better understanding and mastering your own emotions?
  2. Felt frustrated about not getting through to your partner
  3. Felt upset that you couldn’t get an attractive person to notice you?
  4. Felt upset that you couldn’t get a date with a person?
  5. Felt frustrated(fear) in matters of intimacy?
  6. Felt worried that you may never be able to meet, date or have a long lasting fulfilling relationship
  7. Felt worried that your partner would leave you
  8. Felt the attraction in your relationship dwindling
  9. Felt anxious about not being good enough?
  10. Felt uneasy navigating deep emotional conversations and situations?
  11. Felt worried you may end up alone?
  12. Felt that you couldn’t attract or keep the right partner?
  13. Feel awkward around opposite sex?
  14. Feel anxious/nervous when you have to talk to somebody of the opposite sex?
  15. Feel you cannot attract the right partner?

The implication of any of the above, if not addressed can lead to a life time of regret.

The Benefits of Attending our Emotional Intimacy Workshops

Emotional Intimacy Workshop Benfits. Much more than NLP sedution.
Emotional Intimacy Workshop Benefits

Addressing the above challenges and opportunities, while requiring introspection, action and courage, can both solve the issue and lead to a much more fulfilled lfe, across many areas of life.

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