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We’re based in the United Kingdom and work internationally. You can contact Michael by booking a 30-minute free online session in his diary.

In addition potential practitioner clients get a free discovery phase, so you can make your own decision to the value we offer. To qualify for these additional three free discovery sessions you must have clear purpose for taking the programme and an allocated budget.

There is no commitment to sign up at the end of the discovery phase, but we need to know you are seriously considering us.

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Want to be successful? How to get the most value from our programmes

Clients who have the following characteristics always get significant value from working with us:

  1. A touch of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty.
  2. Prepared to commit sufficient time and energy into the programme.
  3. We choose you and you choose us (hence the free taster sessions, so you can find out)
  4. Are genuinely happy to pay when you’re getting great results (you shouldn’t take the programme if you can’t see how it will be valuable to you!)

When you book

Check that your international time zone is correct.

Give a short answer to any questions that you are asked, such as:

(a) Which programme are you interested in? (e.g. NLP practitioner) and

(b) What would make this call useful to you?

Add the name of your country if you’re not from the UK.

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