NLP Training

Unique NLP Training online. Practitioner, Master, Coach and Business Practitioner. Richard Bandler and SNLP Certified. Free 30 minute session. Free Discovery.

Test the unique value of our 1:1 training for yourself. Most clients achieve significantly more value from this training format. We offer a free introductory session and 3 no charge and no commitment discovery sessions, so you can make your own decision as to how well it will work for you. This offer is open to anyone who is seriously considering taking any of our NLP practitioner programmes.

NLP Training for Success

Business NLP Ltd is a nlp training institute which works 1:1 with business and professional people of all ages, and offers global nlp training throughout the world, using Zoom and Skype. Our clients all have a degree of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty, and want to make the very best of their lives.

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NLP Training. NLP co-creator Richard Bandler certified . NLP Course. Online training.

Our unique NLP training will give you skills to achieve more in your work and personal lives by improving your communication and influencing skills, developing your self-awareness and resilience, and give you a range of top world class techniques across the disciplines that interest you.

Our programmes are of particular interest to anyone who wants to significantly build and develop their leadership, sales, coaching, team, project management and relationship capabilities and results.

For decades, thousands of people across the world have used Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to achieve success and fulfilment and move past whatever was holding them back. You too can achieve much more than you realised possible.

Most start with our certified 1:1 NLP practitioner training, which gives you a firm foundation for your journey ahead.

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NLP Training | 1:1 Richard Bandler Certified NLP Training Worldwide

Richard Bandler and SNLP NLP Certification

1:1 NLP Practitioner Training

Our nlp certification training is accredited by NLP co-creator, Richard Bandler and the SNLP. We were one of the first to provide high quality one-to-one Skype and Zoom NLP practitioner training and we are world leaders in this method. Headed by Michael Beale, who has more than 20 years of experience in NLP training and NLP coaching, our training is fully accredited by NLP co-founder, Richard Bandler, and the Society of NLP. Richard will personally sign successful participants’ certificates.

Not sure where to start? We strongly recommend our 1:1 NLP Practitioner programme. If you’re seriously interested and have allocated a budget for the programme we offer 3 free discovery sessions, so you can demonstrate the value to yourself.

In addition, If you’re already a practitioner and want to develop further we offer the following advanced certified programmes:

NLP training certified training
  • NLP Business Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Coach Practitioner
  • NLP Business Master Practitioner

NLP Courses and NLP Coaching

If you are not looking for certification, but would still like to experience NLP, we have a range of courses. These include:

NLP Courses
  • NLP Coaching
  • NLP Health
  • NLP Hypnosis
  • NLP Leadership
  • NLP Sales
  • NLP Seduction and Attraction

These courses can either be taken on their own or as part of a relevant certified practitioner programme.

NLP Training Online

We’re developing a number of high value, low cost online training. We currently offer:

  • Access to Richard Bandler’s huge back catalogue of audio and video recordings
  • Our own ‘Building your success system’ online programme – a great starting point for your NLP adventure, and
  • Specialist hypnosis and coaching programmes with a select group of NLP practitioners.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so confident about the effectiveness of our NLP practitioner training that we offer a full satisfaction guarantee: if you’ve fully committed to the training, but you don’t feel you are getting what you need from the course, you can stop immediately and not owe anything for the remaining sessions. No one has ever taken us up on this offer, but it’s there should you need it.

Free Taster Session

We offer all potential clients a 30 minute free telephone or video session

Free discovery sessions

We offer all potential practitioner and coaching clients a free 3-session discovery phase, so you can make your own mind about the value we offer and to clarify how you would get value from what we do. To be eligible you must have an allocated budget and know what you want to achieve from the programme.

What people say about us:

Richard Bandler, NLP co-creator

“I highly recommend Michael Beale of Business NLP Ltd.

He is continually updating his skills with the most up to date models that I’ve developed. He is one of the few trainers and coach trainers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming”

John La Valle, President SNLP

“Michael has developed a unique and very positive reputation for Business NLP training for Business and Professional people in a 1:1 or small group format.

Michael’s approach is respectful and insightful. He delivers. Period. If this is what interests you contact Michael.”

Will Linssen, Global Coach

“Michael is an excellent executive coach to work with. He is very skilful and experienced in using Marshall’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching process and brings in a wealth of experience and coaching tools as well.

And in true Marshall style he is very committed to deliver measurable leadership growth based on No Growth, No Pay for yearlong coaching programs.”

Interested? Find out more

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